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Outstanding Results from the Halls of the leading Universities to Newly Created Enterprises

On the 29th, the Ministry of Education held the "Exceptional Decade - Giving Back to Society" achievement presentation conference series. A total of 58 enterprise creation highlights from 15 universities have been compiled to demonstrate the vigor and strength of Taiwan's leading Universities to the community.

The theme of the conference is "From the Halls of the Top Universities to Innovative Enterprises". Each of the leading University presented results from innovative businesses as part of the "Aim for the Top University Project”, students and enterprise creation teams were asked to present at the event. The aim was to showcase each University's contributions in cutting-edge theories and practical research, as well as their outstanding achievements in innovative enterprise creation.

In the conference, the features of each school with strong potential were introduced, including the inter-university and cross-disciplinary student enterprise team's "Tap and Pay Third Party Mobile Payment" system spearheaded by NCTU. They have constructed a P2P cash flow information service which provides sellers and buyers an easy-to-use payment system. They are dedicated to developing a service industry related integrated information platform to assist sellers in providing an integrated information medium rapidly, conveniently and safely. Not only does it provide consumers with store shopping service, it also matches real-time dynamic data of sellers and consumers as well as analyses on future consumption and sales strategies.

In addition, NTU's team "Flux", which was founded by the students of NTU's Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program in 2014, has set their entrepreneurship objective on developing an intuitive and easy-to-use 3D printer. This team was recommended by NTU to receive training from SVT Angels of Silicone Valley. They also obtained USD1.6 million of funding from the well-known global crowdsourcing website Kickstarter and set a new fundraising record for Taiwan's new entrepreneur teams.

In response to more severe international market challenges due to globalization, all countries are actively strengthening knowledge economy and value of creativity, especially with a focus on the development of entrepreneurship activities. Since the launch of the “Aim for the Top University Project”, each university has achieved excellent results in innovative entrepreneurship. A total of 1238 new enterprises have been created by the universities, 291 businesses have been created by staff and students, and a total of 27 campus-related companies have also been created.

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