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Cultivate Fundamental Research and Rise to the Global Stage

Cultivate Basic Technology, Propagate Multiple Applications

Higher education is the key to constructing a civil society. This means that comprehensive and in-depth application for global human development is required. NCKU was founded on science and engineering disciplines, our strengths in basic technology and science and engineering expertise have become the driving force and foundation of Taiwan's economy. Furthermore, with the establishment of the Institute of Biotechnology and School of Medicine, there have been outstanding contributions in biopharmaceutical research which has also promoted the active development of inter-disciplinary collaboration. In recent years, NCKU has achieved significant results in basic research and received recognition from top international journals. We have also gone a step further and applied the research results to social development, achieving the goal of integrating learning and application. Examples: President of the College of Bioscience and Biotechnology Professor Grace Low and her team have cross-border collaborations with Thailand's Mahidol University. They have researched and developed the "pilot-operated AHPND key detection PCR technology platform" which enables early detection of acute pancreatic necrosis in shrimps that affects the shrimp aquaculture industry around the world, to prevent large-scale shrimp infection and death and avoid financial losses. Professor Wu Yao-Ting of the Department of Chemistry developed extremely advanced Highly Curved Bowl-Shaped Fragments of Fullerenes. This method of synthesis has been lauded as the pinnacle of art and its three representative papers have been published in the most prestigious journals in the field of chemistry, "Journal of the American Chemical Society" and "Angewandte Chemie International Edition". He has also received the Academia Sinica Junior Research Investigators Award and is a young scientist with great potential in Taiwan. Distinguished Professor Chang Jo-Shu of the Department of Chemical Engineering and his research team have resolved the issues of the green-house effect and alternative energy through development of microalgae biomass energy. They have also developed microalgae health foods, microalgae cosmetics and skincare products to fully explore the possibilities of the microalgae biomass technology. Professor Chen-Sheng Yeh of the Department of Chemistry and his research team have developed "application of near infra-red light adjustable gold nanorod complexing agent in cancer treatment". The treatment goes straight to the core and lowers cancer cell survival rate by 30%. It was lauded as the "most important and time-sensitive publication" by the top international journal of materials science and applied chemistry, the German journal "Advanced Materials".

Basic technology is the mother of academic research. NCKU will continue in the spirit of cultivation for fundamental research, support inter-disciplinary teams, and implement cross-disciplinary academic collaboration, which in turn enhances research results and commercialization of technology. We hope to achieve the goal of coexistence and co-prosperity for the academia and industry in order to give back to society and fulfill the service responsibilities of higher education.

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